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First, install your Hub and pull all of the OEM wires through it. If you have airbag resistors, then you must install the resistors after OEM wires are pulled through.

Next, attach the provided adapter plate as the picture shows. Make sure the side without the cut-outs is facing towards you — wire in the necessary horn wires and grounds.

Snake the wires through the provided cut-outs behind the adapter plate and attach the first part of your quick release. MAKE SURE THE BLUE CLIP IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND BROWN CLIP ON THE LEFT.

To make your OEM button covers work, they will need to be trimmed like shown in the image above. If you don’t want to cut the OEM plastic, that is perfectly fine as you can unclip it and attach the buttons without the covers.

The next part is the only tricky part about the install, you will have to attach the rubber clamp and hardware provided. To do this, first slide the buttons through the rectangular holes and attach the clips behind them. After, you will have to slide the rubber clamp onto the top of the black portion that the clip plugs into. Tighten the hardware. We suggest having the clip rotated as shown on the right image above to keep it hidden from view of the driver.

Below is the adapter installed properly.